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How can you port your number to Reliance Jio?

If you want to port your number to reliance Jio then there are a number of ways through which you can do the same. The work becomes easy and gets going if you know the ifs and buts and how to get started. Also for all the post-paid customers, you need to clear your working bills before you want to port your number accordingly. It will help you to manage out and then the work becomes easy for you to do. Porting your number to Reliance Jio is really simple as there are only few steps you need to take care of.

There are some new and exciting plans for Jio customers from all around. It helps them to get started with the work and eventually, you can understand how good and beneficial the services are. Many people are now porting their number more and more to Reliance Jio because it can help them to get started with the constant idea of having to have better top-up plans and facilities. If you wish then you can eventually enjoy all the beneficial data from the services which are obtained right from here like the SMS recharge and even the switches which you can do from your operational service provider and then going right to Jio.

It offers a ton of ranges and plans which can work out for you. If you are wishing to opt for the high speed internet facilities then Reliance Jio is something that can help you out. The switch is eventually being made for a lot of facilities and Jio is wanting for an agreement to work out for the existing number which you have and that if you want the same or not. This is known as the Mobile Number Portability. Here is how it really goes.

Suppose you have your mobile number linked to the places like your bank and even your office. Now everyone knows your number and you don’t want to change it because changing it can cause you a lot of problem and eventually a lot of havoc after wise. This is what Reliance Jio is helping their customer to come up with the same. With the use of the new MNP services, Reliance Jio is enabling all the customers to enjoy their plans with the use and management of the same number that they had. This is eventually easy and even helps you out to avoid all the confusion plus the dilemma from altogether.

Things you need to keep in your mind before you port your number:

  1. There are bills that you need to clear before you make up for the Reliance Jio port. If you are a post-paid user then the bills are to be cleared. There is a date mentioned on when you can clear the stated bills. If you cannot make it on the date then it will cause a eventual huge problem for you later on. This is why the bills are mandatory while you port your contact number.
  2. After completion, you need to make sure that you fill up the KYC documents. This is called the Know your Customer report. These are important documents that you have to take care of while you are filing in to port your number. There are a lot of documents which are attached onto the same to make sure that you are fit for the role. If you cannot produce your documents right on time then the mobile authorities might reject your application. This is why you need to have a field and a sim which is working 7-9 days.

How can you port your number?

  1. Open your message box and then write your phone number with the PORT option. From there, you need to enter the 10 digit mobile number that you have and which you want to port into.
  2. Make sure that you have selected the right fit for your number and then you have send the message to 1900. Enter the PORT and then put your mobile number in the brackets mentioned. Once you do, you will have to use the number that you willing to port.
  3. You are split with two decisions that you can make eventually. There is the unique porting number which you can try out and then there is the same porting number which can help out as well. The one which you try out has to be settled from your end.
  4. You can even generate the coupon code for your number which is mentioned. The workings of the sim which are meant to be port is really easy. Once you have the sim connection and full connectivity to your number for port, you will have an easy way to do so.


These are the various options you can try out while you want to do while you are trying to port your number. There are ways through which you can port your old number according to your new phone. If you want to try it out, then you can it with your mobile authorities. Once you have made for a plan and arrangement, they will port your number and even give you the details that you need to follow in. it will help you to have an assessment which can mark any change which is needed for further update on your phone number.…