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Research track accepted papers:

  • Kai Ludwig, Jacob Krüger and Thomas Leich. “Covert and Phantom Features in Annotations: Do They Impact Variability Analysis?”.
  • José Miguel Horcas Aguilera, Mónica Pinto and Lidia Fuentes. “Software Product Line Engineering: A Practical Experience”.
  • Imke Drave, Oliver Kautz, Judith Michael and Bernhard Rumpe. “Semantic Evolution Analysis of Feature Models”.
  • Thomas Kühn, Walter Cazzola, Nicola Pirritano Giampietro and Massimiliano Poggi. “Piggyback IDE Support for Language Product Lines”.
  • Christopher Pietsch, Udo Kelter, Timo Kehrer and Christoph Seidl. “Formal Foundations for Analyzing and Refactoring Delta-Oriented Model-Based Software Product Lines”.
  • Carlos Diego Nascimento Damasceno, Mohammadreza Mousavi and Adenilso Simao. “Learning From Difference: An Automated Approach for Learning Family Models From Software Product Lines”.
  • Daniel Strüber, Mukelabai Mukelabai, Jacob Krüger, Stefan Fischer, Lukas Linsbauer, Jabier Martinez and Thorsten Berger. “Facing the Truth: Benchmarking the Techniques for the Evolution of Variant-Rich Systems”.
  • Ángel Jesús Varela-Vaca, José A. Galindo, Belén Ramos-Gutiérrez, María Teresa Gómez-López and David Benavides. “Process Mining to Unleash Variability Management: Inferring Configuration Workflows Using Logs”.
  • Xhevahire Tërnava, Johann Mortara and Philippe Collet. “Identifying and Visualizing Variability in Object-Oriented Variability-Rich Systems”.
  • Maurice H. ter Beek, Ferruccio Damiani, Michael Lienhardt, Franco Mazzanti and Luca Paolini. “Static Analysis of Featured Transition Systems”.
  • Mikaela Cashman, Justin Firestone, Myra Cohen, Thammasak Thianniwet and Wei Niu. “DNA as Features: Organic Software Product Lines”.
  • Stefan Fischer, Rudolf Ramler, Lukas Linsbauer and Alexander Egyed. “Automating Test Reuse for Highly Configurable Sofware: An Experiment”.
  • Daniel-Jesus Munoz, Jeho Oh, Mónica Pinto, Lidia Fuentes and Don Batory. “Sampling Product Configurations Having Numerical Features”.
  • Salah Ghamizi, Maxime Cordy, Mike Papadakis and Yves Le Traon. “Variability Modelling and Search-Based Configuration of Deep Neural Networks”.

Short papers:

  • Rick Rabiser, Klaus Schmid, Martin Becker, Goetz Botterweck, Matthias Galster, Iris Groher and Danny Weyns. “Industrial and Academic Software Product Line Research at SPLC: Perceptions of the Community”.
  • Elias Kuiter, Sebastian Krieter, Jacob Krüger, Thomas Leich and Gunter Saake. “Foundations of Collaborative, Real-Time Feature Modeling”.

Industry track accepted papers:

  • Masaki Asano, Yoichi Nishiura, Tsuneo Nakanishi and Keiichi Fujiwara. “Feature Oriented Refinement from Requirements to System Decomposition: Quantitative and Accountable Approach”.
  • Christian Wolschke, Martin Becker, Sören Schneickert, Rasmus Adler and John MacGregor. “Industrial Perspective on Reuse of Safety Artifacts in Software Product Lines”.
  • Juha-Pekka Tolvanen and Steven Kelly. “How Domain-Specific Modeling Languages Address Variability in Product Line Development: Investigation of 23 cases”.
  • Slawomir Duszynski, Saura Jyoti Dhar and Tobias Beichter. “Using Relation Graphs for Improved Understanding of Feature Models in Software Product Lines”.
  • Matthias Markthaler, Rolf Ebert, Jahir Jolianis, Stefan Kriebel, Benjamin Pruenster, Bernhard Rumpe and Karin Samira Salman. “Applying Product Line Testing for the Electric Drive System”.