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Tutorial 1: Hugo Martin, Juliana Alves Pereira, Paul Temple and Mathieu Acher. Machine Learning and Configurable Systems: A Gentle Introduction.

Tutorial 2: Mike Mannion and Hermann Kaindl. Software Reuse and Mass Customisation.

Tutorial 3: Klaus Schmid, Holger Eichelberger and Sascha El- Sharkawy. Variability Modeling and Implementation with EASy- Producer.

Tutorial 4: Juha-Pekka Tolvanen and Steven Kelly. Describing Variability with Domain- Specific Languages and Models.

Tutorial 5: Maxime Cordy and Sami Lazreg. Automated Evaluation of Embedded-System Design Alternatives.

Tutorial 6: Paul Clements and Charles Krueger. Feature-based Systems and Software Product Line Engineering: PLE for the Enterprise.

Tutorial 7: Aitor Arrieta. Variability Modeling and Management of MATLAB/Simulink Models.